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Discover how to make a DIY beaded ring with pearls in five minutes following this easy tutorial!

If you’re in love with minimalist, aesthetic, rings and jewelry, this tutorial is for you! Make at home DIY beaded rings with pearls in just five minutes, it’s easier than you think.

A simple yet super cute DIY jewelry idea that you can make in minutes at home and with just few items we all have around, these tiny and minimalist rings are perfect with any outfit and style. I like delicate and minimalist jewelry in general and there are some jewelry pieces I never take off. It’s not easy to find that perfect jewelry piece that you can always wear and that makes you feel yourself, even with the most casual look: from the everyday ring to the perfect personalized necklace, the choice can be so hard! In years I’ve started opting for less pieces but higher quality (gold is always my first option in terms of quality and wearable) and this mean spending more for a piece but definitely less during time. So now, I prefer investing on one more expensive jewelry piece than on many others from H&m or Zara. Peral rings were on my whishlist and since I was seeing this kind of rings almost everywhere lately: I must admit I was going to buy some then realised I had a bunch of pearls from an old broken necklace so I decided to try the handmade version and, since it came out so cute (and bought looking!) I’m here to share it with you! Read the full step by step tutorial to know how to make these DIY beaded rings with pearls!


You need:

  • pearls or beads (mine are real pearls)
  • elastic thread
  • liquid glue

diy beaded tiny pearl ring tutorial aesthetic minimalist jewelry anelli perle perline fai da te facili easy francinesplaceblog 2

How to:


Measure your finger circumference, then create the ring just by putting the thread through the beads.


Once done, make a knot, add some glue and make a second knot and fix. Let it dry, cut the excess of thread and you’re done!

I’m so glad about the result and I think that using real pearls instead of plastic beads helped a lot to give that “bought in shop” look I was looking for – which doesn’t mean that we can get a great ring even if we don’t have real pearls around btw. This may be a nice idea if you, like me, have an old broken pearl necklace or bracelet to give pearls a new life! I’m matching my new DIY beaded rings with pearls with two other rings I already had and they’re officially part of my everyday jewelry now.

Hope you liked this tutorial on how to make DIY beaded rings with pearls, if you enjoyed the post pin in on Pinterest!

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