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Want to DIY? Are you a DIY beginner? Here are five things and tips you need to know before you DIY!

These tips about things you need to know before you DIY will help you doing it in the right way and being aware of all the potential dangers.

More people seek to make better use of the time they spend at home by trying DIY projects: stay home, make something has become popular in the last year, since the pandemic situation. However, a lot of new makers are beginners and don’t know enough the risks of doing something by yourself. Read these five things and tips you need to know before you DIY to make sure you can have fun in a complete safety!


Know when  you can’t do it alone

Some jobs, such as hanging wallpaper, painting a wall, upcycling old furniture and so on, can be done by just one person. However, it’s important to recognize when you can’t do the work alone or, eventually, at all. It is so much fun trying new DIY skills, I know, but, sometimes, you really do need a help or to call in the experts, especially if it comes to electrics, gas, plumbing and any kind of potentially dangerous work that you’re just not comfortable doing. In these situations, it’s best to call experts such as Labor Panes to clean your gutters or windows, or a qualified electrician to help you. 

Plan ahead

Before you begin any kind of DIY, ask yourself the following questions to help guide and enable you to fully prepare. Firstly, what are your plans: what do you want the final result to be? What equipment do you require? Are you confident with the tools? Do you need help? Yes, it seems like a lot to do when you just want to get started, but that’s definitely the best way to avoid risks or dangerous situations.

Use safety equipment

There are certain fundamental necessities for even the most basic DIY projects that should be in every toolbox, even when you think they’re useless. For example, a decent pair of strong gloves or glasses to protect the eyes are something you don’t want to say no, but also proper clothes, a mask and anything you need to protect yourself while using dangerous tools or chemical materials. Yes, even just painting an old chair requires some protection! Don’t just choose the cheapest or the easiest to buy: you must choose high quality equipment and tools that are appropriate for the task and that can last longer, for many funny DIY adventures!

Read the instructions, always

There will be times you’ll think you can do it even without reading those boring instructions that come with the product you have to use. Nothing more wrong! Reading the full instructions before a DIY project will help you undesrtand if it’s something you can handle alone and, if yes, what are the things you need before you get started. This will minimize time and struggle once you’ll be in the DIY process.

Don’t give up even if it looks hard

A DIY project is never easy: it is a mix of hard work, time, passion and a lot of patience. So, remind this when you’re about to start: sometimes you’ll fail. For sure. So take your time, take it slowly and don’t rush, take a break if you need it and be ready for some fails. Mistakes happen but they are totally part of the creative process and, most important, they will make you learn something new every time.

Well, I hope you found these tips on five things to know before you DIY useful and interesting! Let me know if you have any more advices!

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5 things tips know need before you diy guide safety beginner hacks francinesplaceblog