life after lockdown how re start get healthy lifestyle 6 easy steps tips proven ultimate guide normal come avere stile vita sano dopo quarantena consigli francinesplaceblog

Afraid about life after lockdown? Discover how to re-start a healthy lifestyle and routine in 6 steps.

How can I achieve a healthier routine? If lockdown left you with this answer, you’re in the right place. Read these tips to get a better lifestyle!

Being a healthy, normal person has become a little harder this year. Too many things to worry about and suddently we can’t focus on our own health as we used to do before. Can you relate? So, how can we re-start a healthy lifestyle after the lockdown? Here are six tips to help shift your perspective and hopefully make you think about your health again.


Take care of your body

It may sound obvious, but unluckily it’s not these days. The first step to a healthier lifestyle is a healthy body. Easy. And how do I get a healthy body? With medical check up, balanced diet and sport. All things that we probably left apart during the pandemic situation…right? So, this is the time to go to the denstist you booked six months ago, to get that eye test and those great quality eyeglasses you found, or to finally protect yourself from the unexpected with a cheap term life insurance  . In few words, to check your health after months of stress and isolation. But that’s not all. This is the time to start (or re-start) with a more balanced diet, after weeks of junk food (don’t lie, we all have spent days eating ice cream on the couch!). So, eat clean but indulge sometimes, we need to cuddle ourselves with some treats, after all! Especially because this is also the moment to get into a new fitness routine, even if without a gym. Do openair activities everytime you can and search through millions of workout videos on YouTube for you to try. It will be nice to feel great again!

Mental health is important, too

You can’t just focus on your physical health: mental health is just as important. Especially after the quarantine effects felt over the world. No matter if we spent the quarantine in company or alone, we all need to re-start socializing and go back to our normal life as much as possible. Speak to friends, family or whoever you want if you’re feeling rough, frustrated or depressed. Contact a psychologist if you think you need it: these have been hard months for everyone so don’t be shy and talk about your feelings to lighten the weight on your shoulders. 

Find financial stability

We are at a tough point, I know. After lockdown, a lot of people are without job and salary. Money and health are more closely linked than a lot of people realise. Without a financial stability, chances are that you won’t be able to feel safe, but there are quite a few things you can do to help out. How to find a financial stability? For a start, if you’re in real trouble, seek help; there are lots of companies out there, some charities, who exist to help people who are in debt. Then read this guide on how to save some extra money from today in other parts of your life if you can. Get rid of the unnecessary, at least for now. An example? Holiday talking, you can save money by opting for staycation. It may sound small, but when you start to group things together on a monthly and yearly basis you’ll realise the amounts will slowly start to add up and you’ll have more money to clear your debt. 

Choose the right people

This lockdown has taught us one important thing: time is too precious to waste it. This means that, starting from now, we should give our time to people who actually deserve it. If people around us are always negative it may affect us in the end. Of course we shouldn’t break relationships just because someone is unhappy: we must support who we love and listen to their problems (just as they did with us). But, if we have people in our life who give nothing back to us to make us happy…well, this is the moment to say goodbye. A healthy lifestyle is also made of healthy relationships and this is why toxic ones must go.

Create a space you love

This lockdown showed us how important is to have a place where we can feel comfortable in. That can be game changing if we need to stay home for more than we usually do but also for our lifestyle quality. So, if we suffered in the last weeks, there are some things to make home feel more ours from now. We can update the home almost for free or beautify the outdoor space with little details. You can draft someone in to help you or try yourself which is a great way to feel even prouder of your space. There are also a lot of DIY decor ideas that you can make! A lovely place will have positive effects on your lifestyle and, with no doubt, your mood!

Be creative

Last but not least, for a healthier lifestyle you should invest time on creativity. Why? Because it keeps you sane, it is good for brain and soul and it so fun! How to be a more creative person? Easy, read this guide to improve creativity with science proven tips and embrace a new you!

life after lockdown how re start get healthy lifestyle 6 easy steps tips proven ultimate guide normal come avere stile vita sano dopo quarantena francinesplaceblog

Well, I hope you found these tips on how to re-start a healthy lifestyle after the lockdown useful and complete! Let me know if you have others!

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life after lockdown how re start get healthy lifestyle 6 easy steps tips proven ultimate guide normal come avere stile vita sano dopo quarantena consigli facili francinesplaceblog